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It is common knowledge that fragrances should be stored in a cool dry place away from the direct reflection of sun rays (especially if the bottle is clear). Fragrances are made of extracts, chemicals and oils that can go bad and as such, the lid should always be closed.

Where to Apply: the places where the body produces the most heat are the ideal places to apply cologne. They include the elbow, back of knees, thighs, neck, underarm, chest and wrist. However, all these places do not have to be sprayed at once. The neck and wrist are the highly recommended places because those are the areas that people usually have encounter with when they come close to you.

How to Apply: when spraying, ensure the gap between the bottle and your skin is between 2 to 6 inches. If the cologne is in a regular bottle, a single finger is enough to press against the bottle opening. Do not try to get too much out of the bottle at once, press it in a gentle manner.

Standard technique: press the wrists against each other gently after you must have applied the spray on one wrist. Also spray at the neck just beneath the jaw. Depending on the strength of the cologne, you could spray one more on the chest or crotch. However, if the cologne is very strong, the neck and wrist is just okay.

Do not drown your fragrance in the sea of aftershaves, deodorants, scented shampoos etc. all of the products usually have their own scent but will almost definitely be different from the perfume you are using. Try to get the perfect blend.

Perfumes should not be used on cloths but on dry a skin. If your skin is wet, the interactions of the cologne with the oils will be disrupted, thus causing the cologne to evaporate rapidly.

Don’t rub your fragrance in: fragrances evaporate faster as a result of friction. A gentle press or pat together is appropriate.


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