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What’s more important than a man’s cologne? 

Your man’s cologne. 

When you walk hand-in-hand with him, when you snuggle into him before sleeping, when you hug him tightly after a stressful day at work, when you pull him in for a quick good morning kiss — you can’t help but smell him.

It’s an extension of himself. His whole persona is in the scent of his cologne. And it makes you feel right at home in his arms. And if it doesn’t? It’s time for a change. 

Here’s a few that’ll fit his personality so well, and smells so amazing, you’ll never want to let go of him:


1. Spicebomb (Viktor & Rolf)

If your man is a work-o-holic, who dresses to impress, and is passionate about his line of work, Victor & Rolfs Spicebomb compliments him perfectly.

It packs a punch (powerful but not overwhelming) with two distinct tones: the first being zesty and the second being deliciously spicy.

Together? Harmony. Even the design of the bottle is impressive.  

Available in Medium 1.7oz $90  $69  &  Large 3oz $110  $99

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2. Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)

For your man who can barely stop for a second. Hes constantly on the move, juggling different activities and passions, and can finally rest when he gets home to you.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male scent changes throughout the day, from a brisk, woody scent to musky by evening, Its without the classic pepperyscent many colognes are saturated with, but its never overpowering.  

Available in Medium 2.5oz $90  $57  & Large 4.2oz $90  $69
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    3. Mont Blanc Legend Intense

    Your man is daring. The kind of guy that takes risks — and more often than not, they come out in his favor.

    He might be a bit on the lucky side, but you know for sure he’s the kind of guy that makes you laugh, love, and be loved. That’s why Mont Blanc Legend Intense is such a good fit; it’s spicy, tangy, but just as sweet as your man.   

    Available in Large 3.4oz $82  $69
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      4. Boss Night (Hugo Boss)

      No one has a way with words like your man does. A bit flirtatious but still an absolute Prince Charming; he lights up the rooms and makes it hard to be ignored.

      Hugo Boss Night is him in a bottle; powerful, seductive, and amazingly masculine. It’s not the kind of cologne to be shoved aside. 

      Available in Large 3.4oz $76  $59
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        5. Nautica Voyage

        Being with him is like a breath of fresh air from the dreariness of everyday life.

        You know when everything feels grey, tired, and just so repetitive? Your man is the exact opposite of that, and so is Nautical Voyage.

        Its a clean scent thats easy on the nose and light on the heart — exactly like your guy.

        Available in Large 3.4oz $68  $39
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          One (or more!) of these colognes would be perfect for your guy, for any occasion! Comment below & let us know which one is your favorite and why! 



          • Posted On April 04, 2022 by James

            Loved Your Blog on these fragrances for women. My favorite one was Viktor & Rolf’s spicebomb.

            Please take a look at my website where you can buy fragrances for men and women.

            Buy Fragrances and Perfume for Men and Women

          • Posted On August 15, 2015 by Theresa

            My husband loves the mont blanc legend. A bit sweet, but has a nice edge to it.

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